Thursday, December 23, 2010

Need Some Extra Security?

Everybody wants to keep their home and family safe, especially during the holidays when a break-in threat is at its highest. That is why surveillance systems are so popular. People recognize the threat out there and are doing their best in order to make sure they do not become another victim. The most efficient means of protecting your home and family is a comprehensive surveillance system.

A comprehensive surveillance system has two main purposes, to keep intruders out or to scare them off. But in the unfortunate event that neither of those happens, a comprehensive surveillance system can at least offer visual recordings of what happened and who did it.

Properties equipped with surveillance systems are usually passed up by criminals. When there is no alarm to go off and no footage of what is happening, the risk of getting caught diminishes drastically. That is why it is always a good idea to to install your surveillance cameras in an easy to see area just in case someone thinks of breaking in.

Alarm systems that you may get through Brinks or some other company are good. They send alerts to you or the security company who can then notify authorities. The only bad thing is that by the time that happens, it may already be too late. Surveillance cameras can provide physical evidence of both the crime and the intruder which can help police in capturing the thief or at least get some of your belongings back.

Surveillance systems have been considered a luxury in the past because they used to be very expensive. However, due to technological advances, full surveillance systems are affordable to nearly anybody who needs one. Just keep in mind the size of your property when getting a system. How big or how small your property is can greatly affect the type and price of your surveillance system.

Motion sensors are also a good idea. Many burglars are creative and can find holes in your system. That is why you should pay close attention to where you place your cameras and how you should angle them. Motion sensors will trigger your system whenever any motion is detected, eliminating the deficit of camera holes.

One good feature is the ability of your cameras to be integrated into your existing system. If you have an alarm system monitored by an alarm company, then you can also have them monitor your camera feeds as well. If you want another option, then you can always go with having your camera feed live footage directly to your home computer, mobile device or laptop.

Whichever way you roll the dice, you cannot go wrong with a comprehensive surveillance system. With one you can potentially deter criminals from breaking into your house for good or at least catch them in the act and have physical proof to give to your local authorities.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Biometric Security Surveillance

Biometric Security SurveillanceWhat is Biometric Security Surveillance? It sounds like something out of a spy movie, doesn't it? Well, Biometric Security Surveillance is basically technical methods through which your personality and/or unique factors that define who you are are calculated and thoroughly investigated so that they can be legitimized, acknowledged or recognized and/or examined for different purposes. There are many unique factors that humans possess. Patterns on the face, fingerprints, DNA and others are just a few examples. A person's personality may be in physical features like the way they walk, stand or sit, their voice, hair length, mannerisms etc... All of these things can be used in Biometric Security Surveillance.

Many technologies that deal with biometric security surveillance have been developed to date. Some use high quality video cameras that, when something like a face recognition program software has been installed, are able to give the desired results. This implies that even if the video was taken when the desired person was far away, even as far as 200 meters, and their face may not be recognizable to a normal video camera or the human eye, the facial recognition software will be able to clearly identify their face. Departments in the U.S. Government decided to fully fund these technologies to ensure that they are as efficient as possible when they first discovered them.

Recently, new discoveries have emerged that show a link between a person's DNA and their fingerprint. What this means is that by having a person's DNA in a computer database, they can scan their fingerprint and gain access to the secured location or data. This should make work for the Federal Government a lot faster and easier, and because of this they are building databases which will accommodate all of this information. The biometric information that will be contained in these databases will include fingerprints, palm prints, eye information, DNA, facial recognition information and as well as various other information.

There is also a program that has been developed to be used in conjunction with computers where a person's emotions can be analyzed based on a variety of different factors. This allows the computer program to predict the mood of a person from all the data it collects to come up with the current emotions for that person.

The new advancements in security are no less than spectacular. It seems like every day we are becoming more and more like the spy movies we watch. Soon we may even be able to make silicon faces of other people and mimic their voices, but I would not hold out on that for too long.
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Driveway Security Cameras

Security Camera Tips and Benefits for Protecting Your Driveway

The use of Security Cameras at a private residence is becoming much more common. While not a new concept, recent advances in technology, the lowering of the cost of camera hardware, and the increased need for security in many areas have spurred this trend to record levels over the last year.

If you are new to the concept of using security cameras in order to keep an eye on your home or your driveway then we should  review some of the basic benefits and options that you may want to consider.
The first thing to consider is, obviously, what's in your driveway. Why, for example, would you want to watch your driveway in live time from inside your home or even in live time while on vacation? Is the need serious enough to justify the cost of a professional grade security system? Then, consider whether or not you would have the need to keep a recorded copy of the driveway activity. Also worth thinking about is the benefit of having the security system notify you via text message, phone call, or e-mail should there be activity in your driveway during any special time for which you have chosen to monitor and receive alerts for.

Many people simply want to keep an eye on their driveway because it contains some very expensive items. For example some people may park their RV in their driveway during the off season, and others may have a work truck or vehicle parked there with valuable tools. Other times you simply want to know who's come over or pulled into your driveway while you were out.

Continues: Driveway Security Cameras
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Gas Station Security Camera Thoughts

Gas Station Security CamerasSecurity Cameras at Gas Stations is not a new concept but it is one that should be touched on and brought up to speed with the economic times of today.

Most gas stations across the country have been using one form or another of security cameras for years. Many stations still have their original taped-based security system while others still use just a monitor with no recording device at all. If you are using tape based our not recording at all, you need to upgrade as soon as possible.

Here is some good news for upgradingThe wire that the CCTV security cameras are most likely using is a common coax cable still used today. This allows a great deal of the old infrastructure and sometimes the cameras themselves to be easily incorporated into a new PC Based DVR security system.

Security Cameras Save you Money Not Cost you Money
A security camera system at a gas station can be a great way to cut down on merchandise shrinkage from both staff and customers, and it can also be a great deterrent and aid in the prevention and prosecution of drive-offs.


Gas Station Security Camera Systems

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Ohio to Link Security Cameras

The Controlling Board, a bipartisan panel of state lawmakers, approved $235,000 for a Homeland Security project that links cameras throughout Oho.

Ohio's Camera Integration Project to link and monitor thousands of security cameras in Ohio is underway. The project will be modeled after one that has operated in Alabama since 2006. Alabama's system, called Virtual Alabama, came together in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Thousands of cameras that monitor roads, schools and private businesses will be used in an effort to provide more eyes for first responders in emergencies.

Ohio's Camera Integration Project will be accessible by police, firefighters and other 'authorized officials.' The integration will include government-operated systems watching highways, public buildings and airports, and the private security cameras at businesses, shopping malls, office complexes and other major facilities. Privately help companies will not be required to join.

Video from the cameras will not be continually monitored, recorded or stored rather they will be used as a resource during emergencies.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Real-time Security Cameras in the NYC Subway

Since their very creation, subways have been dangerous places. The large underground train stations became breeding grounds for crime, a weigh station for the homeless, and more recently, an ideal target for terrorists. Security cameras have been in place in subways for many years, but these cameras were only useful for seeing what took place after the fact. As frightening as this all is, subways are still an extremely useful form of transportation used by thousands of people a day, and because of their consistent popularity, New York has decided to install real-time security cameras in their subway systems. With these cameras in place the New York Police Department hopes to stop crime before it starts.

While over 3,000 security cameras monitor the whole of the New York subway, only cameras from the three main stations broadcast in real-time. The Grand Central, Time Square, and Pennsylvania stations are the main hubs of the subway and therefore have the most traffic. Because of their size and importance to the subway system these are also the three stations that are the biggest targets to terrorists. The hope is that the knowledge that the authorities are always watching will eliminate the temptation to commit crimes.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly states that "Around the world, we've seen subway and rail lines attacked. In London, in Madrid, in Moscow, in Mumbai," Kelly said. "Having access to these MTA cameras gives us another crucial tool with which to protect New York's transit system."

The cameras are connected to the police station via a high-bandwith fiber optic network. Once broadcast to the police station, the real-time images are displayed on computer screens and can be used to analyze images with tools like license plate readers and environmental sensors. The goal is to eventually have 3,000 real-time cameras up and running. There are currently 1,159 functional cameras. The cost for these cameras is a whopping $200 million dollars, paid for with grants from Homeland Security. Mayor Michael Bloomberg assures the city that these costs are necessary, and that technology is the only way to continue making the city safer.

Eventually New York hopes to mimic the London subway's "Ring of Steel" security camera network, which has more than 12,000 cameras up and running. London security officials say they plan to add even more cameras, enough to record the face of every person who enters the subway. With the recent arrest of a Colorado man who planned to bomb three New York subway stations, the camera system couldn't come at a better time for New York.
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to connectorize a RG59 cable with a BNC end

Security Camera Expert, Josh Van Cleave, shows how to properly connectorize an RG59 with a BNC end. Josh has over 10 years in the security camera industry and nearly 20 years in computer networking.

Proper connection to the cable is very important. The benefit of being able to properly connectorize cables is lower cost and easier installs. The cables Josh is making are water tight and will last for many years.

In the video you find out how to use a compression tool, wire stripper and techniques to get a good, watertight connection, first time every time!

The connector Josh is using is the FCONN RG59 BNC male universal compression fitting. You can buy a 5-Pack for $18.00 here: RG59 BNC - 5 PACK COMPRESSION

For more information and videos, go to the CCTV Learning Center at Camera Security Now.

Information to show you that you can Do-it-yourself and install it like a pro.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Are You Covering Your Assets?

A wise man once told me that with anything that you do you always need to C.Y.A.(cover your assets). Lets face it, if we did not have things that other people wanted, we would not need to protect them. A great way to protect your assets is to either have someone watch your possessions twenty four hours a day, which is extremely costly, or invest in a security surveillance system.

This is part one of a three-part series to help you answer a few questions that you may have about protecting your property, investments, or classified information. In part one we will go over what types of cameras to use, where to place the cameras for maximum coverage, and how you should connect the cameras to your video management system. Part two will touch base on what type of video management system that you should be using and how much storage that you will be needing. Third and final segment will go over video analytics and viewing the videos.

Camera Selection

Security cameras are the eyes of a video surveillance system. Cameras should be deployed in critical areas to capture relevant video. There are two basic principles of placement. First, there are the use of chokepoints. Chokepoints are areas where people or vehicles must pass to enter a certain area. Examples include doorways, hallways and driveways.This is a very inexpensive way of recording who has entered your facility.
Second is covering the assets. These are the specific objects that need coverage, i.e. safes, cars on a car lot or merchandise in a store. The asset is defined relative to the needs of the organization. You will then need to prioritize what your assets are and choose the location of the cameras. Now we can take a look at three of the main characteristics of camera types.

Fixed or PTZ: Cameras can be fixed to only look at one specific view or be movable through the use of panning, tilting and zooming (i.e., moving left and right, up and down, closer and further away). Most cameras used in surveillance are fixed. PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) cameras are generally used to cover wide fields of views and should be used only if you expect to actively use the cameras on a daily basis. The reason fixed cameras are used so often is that they are a conservative choice over the PTZ's due to higher prices. Fixed cameras can run $200-$500 and PTZ cameras are upwards of $2000.

Thermal,Infrared, and Color: In video surveillance a black and white image makes sense when lighting is very low . In those conditions, infrared cameras produce black and white images. Infrared cameras require special lamps (infrared illuminators) that produce clear image in the dark. Only silhouettes are produced with thermal cameras and are used in areas with little or no light .In daytime and well lit areas color cameras are a well planned choice.

 IP or Analog: The largest trend in video surveillance today is the move from analog cameras to IP cameras. While all surveillance cameras are digitized to view and record on computers, only IP cameras digitize the video inside the camera. Even though most infrared and thermal cameras are still only available as analog cameras, you can only use megapixel resolution in IP cameras.

Most organizations mix and match of their types of cameras . For instance, an organization may use infrared fixed analog cameras around a perimeter with an analog PTZ overlooking the parking lot. On the inside, they may have a fixed megapixel camera covering the warehouse and a number of fixed IP cameras covering the entrance and hallways. The monitoring, playback, and system configurations can all be maintained by the IE browser without hassles.


Cameras are connected to video management systems for the purpose of recording and managing access to video. There are two main characteristics to decide on for connecting your system

Analog and IP: Video can be transmitted over your computer network (IP) or it can be sent as analog video. Most video feeds are sent using analog but retooling to IP transmission is rapidly increasing. Both IP cameras and analog cameras can be transmitted over your computer network. IP cameras can connect directly to an computer network and analog cameras cannot. However installing encoders to transmit analog feeds over IP is a effective way to keep costs down by not having to replace the entire system. Encoders will have an input for analog video feed and output it in a digital transmission stream so that it can be transmitted over an IP network..

Wired or Wireless: Video can be sent over cables or though the air, whether you are using IP or analog video. Generally, the most cost effective and least troublesome way is wired, being more reliable with less of a headache for the administrators of the system. However, wireless is a great option for transmitting video where running wires can be quite difficult in certain areas such as playgrounds,remote buildings and off site areas which you want to survey.

There will be two more segments to come on surveillance cameras and accessories. If you have any needs for surveillance equipment in the meantime, please contact And remember to always Cover Your Assets.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Security Camera Footage May Help Police Catch Stabbing Suspect

Last month we talked about the benefits of parking lot security cameras. Now it looks like police in Leesburg, Virginia are learning that for themselves. Earlier this week the Leesburg Police Department released parking lot security camera footage of an SUV, and they're hoping the video will lead to the arrest of a suspected attacker.

Between May 24 and August 2, five men were killed and 11 injured in the Flint, Michigan area; one was injured in Toledo, Ohio; and three were injured in Leesburg. Police believe all of these attacks were related due to the descriptions of the suspect, the vehicle he was driving, and patterns related to the actual crime.

The suspect is said to be a tall, white man with a muscular build. He asks the victims for directions or help with his car before attacking them. The video, which was shot in a mall parking lot in Leesburg, shows the potential suspect driving a dark green Chevrolet Blazer.

All but two of the victims were black men and they were walking alone, usually at night or in the early morning hours. Six of the attacks were committed between 12:15 AM and 6:00 AM on Mondays, while six of the attacks happened between 5:45 AM and 6:15 AM between Thursday and Sunday.

So far, police have put together a list of potential suspects. According to the Associated Press, Genesee County, Michigan prosecutor David Leyton said 469 tips have been received. The tips have been shared between all law enforcement agencies involved with the investigation, including the FBI. The investigation is being managed by Michigan State Police.

Take a look at the video below to see the potential suspect's car caught on camera:

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Middletown, Ohio Man Caught on Camera

Middletown, Ohio Man Caught on Camera Another day, another criminal who doesn't understand the power of security cameras.

A few weeks ago Casey Fryman of Middletown, Ohio walked into a bar in Lemon Township, Ohio and began to act aggressively. 26-year-old Fryman, was demanding that his father, who was seated in the bar, give him his car keys. He became very agitated when his father wouldn't give them to him.

The bartender, Terina King-Smeal of Middletown, asked Fryman to leave the bar but he failed to comply. Instead, he threw a stool at her and jumped over the counter. He picked her up, threw her to the ground, and stomped on her. The entire incident was caught on camera.

Fryman jumped back over the bar and left the building, but police took him into custody and charged him with misdemeanor assault. However, after viewing the security camera footage, police decided on more serious charges. Fryman is currently in the Middletown jail and charged with felony assault.

This incident goes to show that having carefully placed security cameras in your business can make a world of difference when it comes to a police investigation. Because the bar had different cameras placed at different angles, police were able to see just how brutal the beating was and charge the alleged criminal with the proper crime.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Parking Lot Security Cameras

Parking Lot Security Cameras

Crime is prevalent when it comes to parking lots. The majority of all crimes that happen at retail stores and office buildings happen in the parking lot or parking garage. This is due to the number of hiding places, the vast size, and the fact that most people are coming and going, so there aren't a lot of witnesses around.

One way to help protect your parking lot is to install security cameras. When a would-be criminal sees a well-placed security camera in a parking lot, he or she will think twice about committing the crime, meaning you'll possibly see a reduction in vandalism and theft of store property. Also, the footage captured by these cameras can help aid law enforcement agencies in the event a crime is committed. Customers will see cameras as an important boost to your image. Cameras mean their shopping experience will be safe and secure and it means you care about them. That's a plus for any business. Of course, there's always the occasional parking lot accident and the potential for a liability case; that's another way a parking lot security camera could prove to come in handy.

Below, you'll find a few tips about installing security cameras in your parking lot:

1. Do you already have security in place? Maybe you have a security guard who patrols the parking lot, or some sort of alarm system. You'll want to place cameras in areas where the security options you already have in place are the weakest.

2. Are there certain areas in your parking lot that are particularly vulnerable to crime or accidents, maybe a hidden corner in a parking garage or a blind turn? These areas are ideal for placing security cameras.

3. Is your parking lot very busy at night? If so, you may want to consider a "night vision" or infrared security camera, which can basically see in the dark!

4. Do you have a parking garage or any other type of structure? These areas are often used as hiding places for those looking to commit crimes.

5. Make sure your cameras are placed at all exits and entrances so that you can see every car or person who leaves or enters your parking lot. This can really come in handy when law enforcement agencies are using footage to look for a suspect.

6. Make sure your cameras cover your parking lot from all angles. Cameras that are strategically placed amongst one another can maximize visibility.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Connecticut Schools to Get Security Cameras

Connecticut Schools to Get Security Cameras

Soon, in Madison, Connecticut, security cameras will be installed outside of the city's schools. The cameras are part of an effort to improve safety in the school system. The new safety plan has been a year-long effort from the school's safety team, which is made up of members of the local police department, fire department, directors of facilities, health and school administrators, and the town's engineer.

If everything goes as planned, the cameras will be up and running by fall. In an interview with the New Haven Register, Director of Administrative Services Arthur Sickle said, "The cameras are just another security measure. They weren't put there because of a specific issue. We are certainly hopeful that they'll be a deterrent. Not that there is a specific problem, but there is always an occasional incident."

The security cameras will be aimed at entrances and exits into school buildings, and in outdoor areas such as parking lots. None will be located inside the buildings. While all the cameras will be recording, not all of them will be monitored all of the time.

In addition to the cameras, the schools are putting a number of other safety measures in place. These include upgrading traffic signs, installing new school zone warning signs near all schools and posting speed bumps near a middle school and high school. They will also be establishing a reduced speed zone and using police enforcement in that area.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Atlanta Security Cameras

Atlanta Security Cameras

With over 540,000 residents inside the city and over 5.5 million in its metro area, Atlanta, Georgia is one of the largest cities in the country. Over the last decade, the city has seen a growth in the number of residents moving to the area, the number of businesses opening and unfortunately, Atlanta has seen its fair share of crime. In Fulton County, Georgia, the county in which Atlanta is located, crime is specifically a problem. In 2008, in December alone, there were 18 murders, 14 rapes, 426 robberies, 374 assaults, 1,586 burglaries, 3,185 larcenies, and 822 vehicle thefts.

That's a lot of crime that could possibly have been prevented. But how? One way is through security cameras. When would-be criminals see a security camera monitoring their every move, they are more likely to think twice about committing a crime. Not only that, but security cameras can help police and other officials identify criminals who do follow through with their crimes and help get them off the streets, making your city a safe place to live and conduct business.

Whether you're looking to monitor your bank or your bar, your day care center or your doctor's office, can help. We have the best prices on Atlanta Security Cameras, Security Camera Rentals, and the rest of your surveillance needs. There's no reason your business should fall victim to crime of any type. For more information on how you can keep your business, your employees, your customers, and yourself safe, visit our website at or call 877-422-1907 today!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Non-Working Security Cameras Don't Prevent Lawsuits

Non-Working Security Cameras Don't Prevent LawsuitsPauline Showalter of Baker County, Florida is suing the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) . But could properly working security cameras have prevented this from happening? It's entire possible.

Showalter received a Rolex watch worth over $24,000 for her 50th birthday, but when she went through a security checkpoint at Virginia's Norfolk International Airport last year, the watch mysteriously disappeared. Showalter says she placed the watch in a bin and onto a conveyor belt and was then asked to pass through a separate security screening, according to The Florida Times-Union. When she asked to get her watch, she was told she could not and when she finally returned to the conveyor belt, the watch was gone.

Showalter, who was on her way home to Jacksonville, says she has been without the watch for over 16 months now (the event took place in February 2009). But the TSA says she never had a watch on that day.

However, it is being reported that the security cameras in the area weren't working properly at the time. How does this change things? I think that's pretty obvious. Had the cameras been working properly, authorities could see whether or not Showalter was actually wearing a watch and whether or not she actually placed it in the bin.

In addition, if Showalter is telling the truth and the watch was stolen or misplaced, authorities could possibly get an idea of what happened to it...had the cameras been working. If a suspect was caught on film, stealing the watch, images and video could be released to local and national media, in an effort to help catch the crook. And most importantly, a lot of headaches, bickering, and a lawsuit could have been prevented.

The moral of the story is even though you have security cameras, keeping them working properly is so important. Otherwise, they don't serve much of a purpose in the event that a crime takes place, especially a crime in which two different parties are arguing about whether or not there was even a crime in the first place.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Security Cameras are a Must-Have for Daycare Centers

Security Cameras are Must-Haves for Daycare Centers When a parent leaves their child in a daycare center, they expect the very best care they can get. And with today's economy, more households are relying on daycares, due to the fact that both parents are working. This means daycare centers must be competitive and ready to prove to parents and other prospective customers that they are dedicated to keeping their children safe and secure. One excellent way to do that is a quality security camera system.

Having security cameras in your center show parents you are doing what it takes to keep their children safe. But in addition to to attracting new customers, security cameras have a many of beneficial factors for your daycare center.

Security cameras allow you to monitor your staff and make sure they are doing what needs to be done. Turnover is often high in daycare centers due to low pay and the stress of working with children. Sure, you'd like to think you've hired the best, most qualified candidates for your center but sometimes bad seeds slip through the crack. You can't be everywhere at once and keeping an eye on what's going on in your classrooms is a must, for the safety of the children and the safety of your business. It's just good business sense. On top of that, when an employee know they're being watched, they're more than likely going to go above and beyond.

Cameras can also be used as evidence in the event something unfortunate does happen. That can involve an employee doing something unsavory or a parent falsely accusing an employee in your center of doing something to their child. If rooms are being monitored and recorded at all times, well, the old saying, "the camera doesn't lie" is definitely a good standard to live by. Not to mention, if someone who is not supposed to be in your center enters and does something that jeopardizes the safety of the children in your care, you will have their face on camera for police investigations and ultimately court.

These are just a few of the many ways that security cameras can help make your daycare center safe and secure. For more information or to receive a fast quote on Daycare Center Security Cameras, visit our website at or call 1-877-422-1907 today!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Temporary Eyes: Security Camera System Rentals

Sometimes its better to have more than a single set of eyes on your temporary situation. When you have a temporary shipment storage liability on your hands, you need video documentation for 100% accountability of shipping crates. You can even watch your cameras via an iPhone or Blackberry application.

Yes, Complete surveillance video networks are available for rent to help protect your ASSets !

A camera system complete with central monitoring station with automated recording, and cameras rents for less than you might think. Getting a surveillance camera system rental quotation is easy! Call or Click below.

Watch your event from anywhere
in the world.

16 cameras-view screen.
connect and control
all cameras
via network or web!

Just click on any of the links below:
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Over 32 Camera Surveillance System

Keep an eye on traffic, shipping containers, and people. Cameras are viewable over an internet connection, iPhone, Blackberry. Remote record at any time for multiple copies of an event.Rent the right surveillance System based on your Event Size! Call toll free 800-736-8772 for expert advice and assistance in gettng the right system.

All event video data is stored in computer format and can be distributed whole or in part to event coordinators and their designates!

Flexible Camera Rental Periods

Rent Security Cameras for a month, a week, a day or just a few hours. We can provide on site camera security technicians on-site for your entire event, or we can monitor your event remotely. Either way, you have the option to have your equipment professionally managed, or to run the security cameras with your existing staff.

*Subject to availability, price based on quantity, model of camera and video server.