Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Parking Lot Security Cameras

Parking Lot Security Cameras

Crime is prevalent when it comes to parking lots. The majority of all crimes that happen at retail stores and office buildings happen in the parking lot or parking garage. This is due to the number of hiding places, the vast size, and the fact that most people are coming and going, so there aren't a lot of witnesses around.

One way to help protect your parking lot is to install security cameras. When a would-be criminal sees a well-placed security camera in a parking lot, he or she will think twice about committing the crime, meaning you'll possibly see a reduction in vandalism and theft of store property. Also, the footage captured by these cameras can help aid law enforcement agencies in the event a crime is committed. Customers will see cameras as an important boost to your image. Cameras mean their shopping experience will be safe and secure and it means you care about them. That's a plus for any business. Of course, there's always the occasional parking lot accident and the potential for a liability case; that's another way a parking lot security camera could prove to come in handy.

Below, you'll find a few tips about installing security cameras in your parking lot:

1. Do you already have security in place? Maybe you have a security guard who patrols the parking lot, or some sort of alarm system. You'll want to place cameras in areas where the security options you already have in place are the weakest.

2. Are there certain areas in your parking lot that are particularly vulnerable to crime or accidents, maybe a hidden corner in a parking garage or a blind turn? These areas are ideal for placing security cameras.

3. Is your parking lot very busy at night? If so, you may want to consider a "night vision" or infrared security camera, which can basically see in the dark!

4. Do you have a parking garage or any other type of structure? These areas are often used as hiding places for those looking to commit crimes.

5. Make sure your cameras are placed at all exits and entrances so that you can see every car or person who leaves or enters your parking lot. This can really come in handy when law enforcement agencies are using footage to look for a suspect.

6. Make sure your cameras cover your parking lot from all angles. Cameras that are strategically placed amongst one another can maximize visibility.


  1. Millions of motorists are likely to incur parking fines without realizing it after being caught on CCTV. Parking lots for retail centers are unique because there is no way to control who has access as opposed to business parking areas that can and do control access if the potential risk to employees justify it. Positioning of the layout to increase the effectiveness of CCTV surveillance at the parking areas can also be cost effective. Parking perpendicular to the line of sight and CCTV coverage reduces the criminal value of hiding between cars waiting for potential victims.

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  2. Now these days security of a person and their assets is a vital concern that why lot of money is spend on a security setup. In this manner CCTV Cameras are used which leaves nothing unwatched.