Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Connecticut Schools to Get Security Cameras

Connecticut Schools to Get Security Cameras

Soon, in Madison, Connecticut, security cameras will be installed outside of the city's schools. The cameras are part of an effort to improve safety in the school system. The new safety plan has been a year-long effort from the school's safety team, which is made up of members of the local police department, fire department, directors of facilities, health and school administrators, and the town's engineer.

If everything goes as planned, the cameras will be up and running by fall. In an interview with the New Haven Register, Director of Administrative Services Arthur Sickle said, "The cameras are just another security measure. They weren't put there because of a specific issue. We are certainly hopeful that they'll be a deterrent. Not that there is a specific problem, but there is always an occasional incident."

The security cameras will be aimed at entrances and exits into school buildings, and in outdoor areas such as parking lots. None will be located inside the buildings. While all the cameras will be recording, not all of them will be monitored all of the time.

In addition to the cameras, the schools are putting a number of other safety measures in place. These include upgrading traffic signs, installing new school zone warning signs near all schools and posting speed bumps near a middle school and high school. They will also be establishing a reduced speed zone and using police enforcement in that area.