Saturday, January 8, 2011

What You Should Know About Dome Cameras

dome camerasIn case you couldn't tell from the name, a dome camera is a security camera housed in, yep, you guessed it, a dome casing. There are a bunch of different models of dome cameras ranging from infrared to varifocal to fixed lenses or even monochrome and color cameras. Some dome cameras are even resistant to tampering, having a high resistance polycarbonate casing.

In the world of dome cameras there are two main types, fixed cameras that are static and remain in one position and PTZ cameras which have the ability to pan (P), tilt (T) and zoom (Z). Most of the dome cameras on the market are covered with a dark dome. This is to make it more challenging to see in which direction the camera is focused. Most dome cameras also have varifocal lenses that make it possible for the camera to observe a 360 degree area.

Your dome camera can also have an infrared lens as well as some other day and night features like changing from color to monochrome in low light conditions. One key factor of the dome camera is that it is almost completely resistant to vandals. Dome cameras are also ideal for use outside as many dome cameras are weatherproof and can easily withstand the harsh fury of mother nature.

One thing many people are worried about with security cameras is the installation process. However, dome cameras are quite easy to install. Most dome camera systems usually come with all the necessary mounting brackets and other equipment. Dome cameras can also be mounted in nearly any location and on nearly any surface.

If you are looking to purchase a dome camera, then you should look for one that has good protection from both nature and vandals. You should also look for one that has good white balance as well as an auto gain feature. Also important is a low lux rating if you are looking to get the best possible images during the night or in situations of low light.

Picking the right security camera is vital and with this information you can hopefully pick the right type of camera, whether it be a dome, bullet, box or PTZ camera.

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