Monday, May 24, 2010

Temporary Eyes: Security Camera System Rentals

Sometimes its better to have more than a single set of eyes on your temporary situation. When you have a temporary shipment storage liability on your hands, you need video documentation for 100% accountability of shipping crates. You can even watch your cameras via an iPhone or Blackberry application.

Yes, Complete surveillance video networks are available for rent to help protect your ASSets !

A camera system complete with central monitoring station with automated recording, and cameras rents for less than you might think. Getting a surveillance camera system rental quotation is easy! Call or Click below.

Watch your event from anywhere
in the world.

16 cameras-view screen.
connect and control
all cameras
via network or web!

Just click on any of the links below:
4 Camera Surveillance System Rental
8 Camera Surveillance System Rental
16 Camera Surveillance System Rental
32 Camera Surveillance System Rental
Over 32 Camera Surveillance System

Keep an eye on traffic, shipping containers, and people. Cameras are viewable over an internet connection, iPhone, Blackberry. Remote record at any time for multiple copies of an event.Rent the right surveillance System based on your Event Size! Call toll free 800-736-8772 for expert advice and assistance in gettng the right system.

All event video data is stored in computer format and can be distributed whole or in part to event coordinators and their designates!

Flexible Camera Rental Periods

Rent Security Cameras for a month, a week, a day or just a few hours. We can provide on site camera security technicians on-site for your entire event, or we can monitor your event remotely. Either way, you have the option to have your equipment professionally managed, or to run the security cameras with your existing staff.

*Subject to availability, price based on quantity, model of camera and video server.