Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Biometric Security Surveillance

Biometric Security SurveillanceWhat is Biometric Security Surveillance? It sounds like something out of a spy movie, doesn't it? Well, Biometric Security Surveillance is basically technical methods through which your personality and/or unique factors that define who you are are calculated and thoroughly investigated so that they can be legitimized, acknowledged or recognized and/or examined for different purposes. There are many unique factors that humans possess. Patterns on the face, fingerprints, DNA and others are just a few examples. A person's personality may be in physical features like the way they walk, stand or sit, their voice, hair length, mannerisms etc... All of these things can be used in Biometric Security Surveillance.

Many technologies that deal with biometric security surveillance have been developed to date. Some use high quality video cameras that, when something like a face recognition program software has been installed, are able to give the desired results. This implies that even if the video was taken when the desired person was far away, even as far as 200 meters, and their face may not be recognizable to a normal video camera or the human eye, the facial recognition software will be able to clearly identify their face. Departments in the U.S. Government decided to fully fund these technologies to ensure that they are as efficient as possible when they first discovered them.

Recently, new discoveries have emerged that show a link between a person's DNA and their fingerprint. What this means is that by having a person's DNA in a computer database, they can scan their fingerprint and gain access to the secured location or data. This should make work for the Federal Government a lot faster and easier, and because of this they are building databases which will accommodate all of this information. The biometric information that will be contained in these databases will include fingerprints, palm prints, eye information, DNA, facial recognition information and as well as various other information.

There is also a program that has been developed to be used in conjunction with computers where a person's emotions can be analyzed based on a variety of different factors. This allows the computer program to predict the mood of a person from all the data it collects to come up with the current emotions for that person.

The new advancements in security are no less than spectacular. It seems like every day we are becoming more and more like the spy movies we watch. Soon we may even be able to make silicon faces of other people and mimic their voices, but I would not hold out on that for too long.
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