Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to connectorize a RG59 cable with a BNC end

Security Camera Expert, Josh Van Cleave, shows how to properly connectorize an RG59 with a BNC end. Josh has over 10 years in the security camera industry and nearly 20 years in computer networking.

Proper connection to the cable is very important. The benefit of being able to properly connectorize cables is lower cost and easier installs. The cables Josh is making are water tight and will last for many years.

In the video you find out how to use a compression tool, wire stripper and techniques to get a good, watertight connection, first time every time!

The connector Josh is using is the FCONN RG59 BNC male universal compression fitting. You can buy a 5-Pack for $18.00 here: RG59 BNC - 5 PACK COMPRESSION

For more information and videos, go to the CCTV Learning Center at Camera Security Now.

Information to show you that you can Do-it-yourself and install it like a pro.