Thursday, June 10, 2010

Non-Working Security Cameras Don't Prevent Lawsuits

Non-Working Security Cameras Don't Prevent LawsuitsPauline Showalter of Baker County, Florida is suing the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) . But could properly working security cameras have prevented this from happening? It's entire possible.

Showalter received a Rolex watch worth over $24,000 for her 50th birthday, but when she went through a security checkpoint at Virginia's Norfolk International Airport last year, the watch mysteriously disappeared. Showalter says she placed the watch in a bin and onto a conveyor belt and was then asked to pass through a separate security screening, according to The Florida Times-Union. When she asked to get her watch, she was told she could not and when she finally returned to the conveyor belt, the watch was gone.

Showalter, who was on her way home to Jacksonville, says she has been without the watch for over 16 months now (the event took place in February 2009). But the TSA says she never had a watch on that day.

However, it is being reported that the security cameras in the area weren't working properly at the time. How does this change things? I think that's pretty obvious. Had the cameras been working properly, authorities could see whether or not Showalter was actually wearing a watch and whether or not she actually placed it in the bin.

In addition, if Showalter is telling the truth and the watch was stolen or misplaced, authorities could possibly get an idea of what happened to it...had the cameras been working. If a suspect was caught on film, stealing the watch, images and video could be released to local and national media, in an effort to help catch the crook. And most importantly, a lot of headaches, bickering, and a lawsuit could have been prevented.

The moral of the story is even though you have security cameras, keeping them working properly is so important. Otherwise, they don't serve much of a purpose in the event that a crime takes place, especially a crime in which two different parties are arguing about whether or not there was even a crime in the first place.

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